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From the United Kingdom and Canada, Massachusetts to Washington, we are proud to serve families from around the world. Property Service of Naples continues to grow thanks to word-of-mouth from our customers and clients. Here is what others are saying about Naples premiere home watch and handyman company. Please add your comments below. Thank you.


“Thanks for the pictures.  They really help.  . . . . . Your pictures are great, though, because we can send them on to our HOA president and possibly ———‘s supervisor as evidence that they are way overgrown.  Thanks so much.  I think you are truly the only business in Naples that doesn’t take advantage of the seasonal people!”

Joyce & Craig, K.: Naples & Pennsylvania (August 2017)

“Rick & Karen: It was a pleasure to arrive at our Naples home after being away all summer to find it in great shape. Everything was just as we left it. Our patio was set up and ready to go. Thank you for a job well done. Nice to know we can depend on you to watch over things when we are out of town.”

Kim & Steve M.; Naples and New York (November 2015)

“Thanks!! After dealing with so many people through my Texas home and the home there (in Naples), you have been the only person/company who has always gone above and beyond my expectations. Consistently. I am so grateful!! Thanks for all your help! “

Gina K.: Naples and Texas (August 2015)

“Rick and Karen,    Everything was ABSOLUTELY perfect!!  We were amazed how clean it was for not having been here since November.  THANK YOU for keeping such a great eye on things.  It gives us real peace of mind to know you guys are at the helm and are so communicative. Thanks for asking and following up and for ALL YOU DO for us!”

Gerard & Cathy B.: North Naples and Indiana (September 2015)

“Hi Rick,  I just got home this evening, and everything at my home is wonderful. Thank you for your great care of my home while I was on the road. Thanks!”

Jaime T., North Naples (September 2015)

“Dear Rick: Thanks – we feel very comfortable with you looking after our house.  The reports are great.

Robert B. & Bev W.: Alberta, Canada and Naples, FL (July 2014)

“Dear Rick:  You are certainly a very thorough individual and I am glad you will be our home watch person. I thank you once more for your dedication.  Cheers.”

Ivore M.: Quebec, Canada and Naples & Estero, FL (November 2013)

“Rick and Karen, owners of Property Service of Naples are a godsend. We had dealt with a few companies before and the service was spotty at best, unreliable and we never felt comfortable leaving out vacation home for 9 months. Once we met with Rick, he treated us and our home like we had been life long friends. Very, very reliable. if we ever have a question, all we have to do is call or email and we have an answer in 24 hours, most times in less than 4 hours. Rick’s attention to detail, his work ethic are second to none. You can feel comfortable having Rick takes care of your property.”

Dan S., Plymouth, Mass. & Naples, FL (Angie’s List)

Thanks Rick.  We especially appreciate your attention to the humidity level, and making adjustments when advisable.  Also, ditto for the water level in the pool.” Great service!

Debbie & Rick B.: Ontario, Canada & Naples, FL (2013)

“Rick and Karen. Just a little something to say thank you. We are so lucky to have you check on our home.”

Wes & Renee M.,  Pittsburg, PA & Golden Gate Estates – Naples, FL (2013)

“Thank you for your great service. This is a really fair price. All your help is appreciated.

Jack & Darla H.:  Keuka Park, NY & Naples, FL (2012)

“Rick,  Thank you so much for all your help. I hope that storm goes west. See you soon.

Joanne & Kevin C.:  Fleetwood, PA & Naples, FL (2010)

“I’ve gone through literally dozens of “handymen” in 11 years for this house.  It has taken that many years to find one who really & truly is a Handyman!!!  I have found the only person who has proven to be competent and I will use Rick’s company, Property Services of Naples, for everything that I can. Finally…someone who talks the talk AND walks the walk! Thank you, Rick!”

Debbie D.,   Marco Island, FL  (Posted on Angie’s List)

“Rick was hired to secure my dishwasher inside the counter so it would not shift and move.  It was always loose and I was afraid it would begin to loosen the connections and leak.  He was very thorough and did a great job!”

Karen C.,  Salem, CT & Maripossa – Naples, FL

“Everything is great.  We were very pleased with the repairs of the shelf and the door. The paint looks fine to me and in case we do not get the original color, we are content the way it is.  Thanks.”

Ivore M.: Quebec, Canada and Naples & Estero, FL

“Hi Rick,   Thank you – we enjoyed meeting you and are impressed already with your thoroughness and promptness. Monday is fine to fix the screens.”

Bev W. & Robert B.: Alberta, Canada and Naples,FL

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